International Womens Day

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“I am extremely fortunate for my leadership role in healthcare, creating meaningful changes for patients and staff whilst also being a mother and achieving a balance between work and home. As a leader it is vital for me to empower other women in their ambitions to show how it is possible to thrive in roles more traditionally seen as male-dominated.” Professor Erika Denton, Clinical Advisor at Hexarad

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International Women’s Day (IWD) stems from the legacy of 15,000 women marching through New York City in 1908. The march was a fearless stand for better pay and the right to vote. America declared the memory as a National Woman’s Day in the following year, but it wasn’t until 1910, at the Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen when Clara Zetkin and others suggested the idea of an annual International event. 

The bold notion sparked a flame. Protests for gender parity ensued the following year with over a million people joining in various countries. 

Each successive year saw dramatic progress, with German women marching for the right to vote, Sylvia Pankhurst being arrested at Charing Cross station and women textile workers protesting and flooding the capital of the Russian Empire in vast numbers.

Though IWD grew out of deeply political roots, challenging pervasive gender inequity worldwide and harnessing attention to areas that need most work, it has also become a moment to celebrate. 

IWD is a chance to applaud the social, political, and economic achievements of women. At Hexarad, today is an opportunity to amplify the achievements of the incredible women spearheading the company. We have an astonishing array of strong female leadership, see some stellar examples below:

Dr Farzana Rahman is CEO of Hexarad and as a former Radiology Consultant at UCLH, she combines her entrepreneurship with a strong clinical foundation. As well as this, Dr Rahman holds a Master’s in Health Economics and Management from LSE.

Dr Amy Davis is CCO of Hexarad and a Consultant Radiologist. With an impressive 10 years of being and Associate Editor at the BMJ, she founded, developed, and managed Endgames in the BMJ. On top of this, she sits as Head Judge of Diagnostics category in the BMJ Awards each year.

Professor Erika Denton is Clinical Advisor to Hexarad. She has buckets of leadership experience, given her role as Medical Director and Professor of Radiology in Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals. To top it off, she is also Senior Advisor at CQC.

Dr Susan Jawad is the Medical Director here at Hexarad and also Consultant Radiologist at UCLH. As well as being widely published in academia, she provides mentorship for both medical students and junior doctors.

“After a long and varied career in several sectors, including 20 years in UK telecommunications,  I have finally found myself in a company that not only has 2 female directors leading from the front but actively looks to empower women within the team to strive for excellence and supports their growth

In the last 18 months at Hexarad, I have gone from being a Virtual Assistant on a part-time contractor basis in the early stages, through to working as a full-time Operations and HR Lead with full autonomy to create the Operations team to support a growing and technology focused Teleradiology company.” – Sue Stephens, when asked about her role at Hexarad.

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Other strong and enterprising women at Hexarad include Sam Joyce, who played an integral role in helping build our brand and website as Marketing Director. She brings years of talent stemming from a diverse career in luxury, fashion, interiors and media.

Jen Crofts is our Quality and Risk Manager as well as a qualified Diagnostic Radiographer with 10 years of experience working in a busy trauma centre in London.

Paula Beattie is an up-and-coming new team member at Hexarad who we are so excited to work with as an Operations and Quality Administrator.

Despite the drastic progress marked by women today, we know that complacency is not an option. Within the realm of digital health, Hexarad will continue to lean in, uplift and inspire women to take up space in leadership roles. To see more examples of IWD action, check out the online movement #Choosetochallenge bringing into focus the importance of calling out gender bias and taking a vocal step towards inclusivity.