Meet The Founders

Hexarad was the collective brainchild of our four brilliant co-founders. Coming from divergent backgrounds, the team first met at St George’s University as registrars. Whilst Sam and Jaymin were good friends, having just established a successful Radiology preparation course together, Farzana and Amy were fresh faces. Farzana who has always been intrigued by understanding how health systems work on a larger scale, says:   

Hexarad Teleradiology Founder Dr Amy Davis

‘The creation of Hexarad followed very naturally from my interests and when I met the other co-founders it became clear that we were all like-minded people that could really add value to the field.’    

The four friends soon became Consultants and were keen to carve out a space in Radiology and use it creatively.

Inspiration for a clinically led, patient-focused, tech-enabled teleradiology company emerged as a group goal.   

The seeds to success lay in maximising their individual strengths. Sam, the data analysis expert, drawing upon an intriguing career in finance before medicine, helped Jaymin, an equally entrepreneurial mind, to establish the infrastructure of Hexarad.

The company grew organically and was at times, taxing to work on. Amy, who had worked as BMJ Editor prior to Hexarad, says: 

‘From the onset, we functioned cohesively as a team, but finding the time to strategise together has been a real challenge. However, the pandemic meant the pace of external work slowed down and we were able to reflect on the aims of the company with greater clarity.’  

This sense of focus was essential for building an intimate understanding of what the aims of the company were and how they would be executed.

The first few months were certainly challenging as this new commitment took a toll on the work-life balance of the co-founders, but since then, the company has grown from strength to strength. Now more outward facing, the team is hoping for international partnerships to step up to a global platform.    

‘If we knew then how difficult it is to start a teleradiology company, I wonder if we would have done it! But there are definitely no regrets, it has been intense at times, but it is amazing to see look back at what we have achieved, and we are very excited for the future.’  

And that’s not all. As well as looking forward to expanding the team, Farzana says she wants Hexarad to take a proactive role in the wellness of their employees. ‘It’s vital for me to ensure the space we work in is one where all radiologists feel seen and valued.’   

With this policy of inclusion and transparency partnered with the expertise of the company members, it means that Hexarad is on track to becoming a digital health trailblazer.  

Hexarad Teleradiology Founder Dr Farzana Rahman Image