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Hexarad Scholarship

You may have read on our website about the social mobility and diversity scholarship we founded earlier this year in partnership with the St. George’s

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Bringing radiology to the world’ – our partnership with RAD-AID At Hexarad, our mission is to ‘create excellence in medical imaging’ with a deep-rooted desire

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Academic Research

If you’re keen on getting into academic research but don’t know quite where to start, look no further. We reached out to Dr Tom Turmezei for some tips on how

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AI in Radiology

The hype around AI in medicine is ubiquitous. AI not only has the potential to optimise workflow and improve the administrative burden in medicine, but

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Dr Amy Davies & Farzana Rahman - Hexard Teleradiology Founders

Meet The Founders

Hexarad was the collective brainchild of our four brilliant co-founders. Coming from divergent backgrounds, the team first met at St George’s University as registrars. Whilst Sam and

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Covid-19 & Cancer Treatments

Covid has had a huge impact on healthcare; creating backlogs in elective care, cancer care and radiology. Following the budget announcement in March 2021, RCR President Dr Jeanette Dickson

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