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Bringing radiology to the world’ – our partnership with RAD-AID At Hexarad, our mission is to ‘create excellence in medical imaging’ with a deep-rooted desire

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Hexarad Teleradiology Nelson Mandela on African Note

Chess & Nelson Mandela

As what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 103rd birthday is celebrated with Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18th, we thought it fitting to dive

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RadCast Podcast

Teleradiology for Radiologists by Radiologists with Hexarad Co-Founders Dr Sam Dumonteil & Dr Amy Davis Click HERE to Listen

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Academic Research

If you’re keen on getting into academic research but don’t know quite where to start, look no further. We reached out to Dr Tom Turmezei for some tips on how

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AI in Radiology

The hype around AI in medicine is ubiquitous. AI not only has the potential to optimise workflow and improve the administrative burden in medicine, but

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