The First 100 Playbook

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The future of medicine is digital.
Here at Hexarad, we are delighted to be hand-picked as one of the UK’s top leading digital innovators in the Department of International Trade’s ‘The First 100 Playbook’. It is an honour to share this space with many other talented groups.

‘The First 100 Playbook’ outlines some of the UK’s most impressive digital health companies and in doing so, aims to curate a high-quality group for the benefit of international healthcare partners that require digital health expertise. Each of the 100 companies listed are renowned for augmenting the lives of both health professionals and patients in the country.

Challenges facing health economics focus on accessibility and affordability. How can we make diagnostic tools and treatment easy to access for the target population in a manner which is both affordable and sustainable? In addition, how can we grapple with the impending backlog in care stirred up by a global pandemic?

Chosen companies underwent a rigorous selection process. Some factors taken into consideration were: uniqueness of the company’s innovation, the track record of collaboration, success within the NHS and the commitment to seeking international expansion. This is where digital health comes in. By incorporating creative AI and applying solutions that are data driven, digital health comes as a panacea for the spectrum of incoming hurdles.

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Digital health has proven promising in enhancing diagnostics, systems management, staff management, collaboration, and remote patient consultations. To share these advancements, the Department for International Trade established ‘The First 100 Playbook’ showcasing top British innovators to a global audience.

Participation in global healthcare is a unified effort that supplements individual health systems with mutual benefit. As well as ensuring population security and addressing transnational health issues, tapping into oversea talent means a greater scope for cooperative research. The UK stands at the frontiers of this transformation, with many new companies seeking to elevate medical care using technology creatively.

This recognition is incredibly exciting for us as a company; we are eager to step up to the international platform and expand our clinically led, tech-enabled teleradiology model globally.