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Hexarad Platform

Our award-winning tech platform delivers a suite of
solutions to revolutionise your Radiology department

Fast and accurate diagnosis for everyone, everywhere. Without a diagnosis, there can be no treatment.
Founded by consultant radiologists, Hexarad understands the inherent challenges of radiology and puts the patient at the heart of what we do.


Hexarad Platform

Hexarad Edge: Radiologist designed tech that elevates patient care

Delivers industry-leading turnaround times

Consistently high customer satisfaction score

Customers in over 50 sites in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Hexarad Teleradiology UK Reporting Out of Hours

Our award-winning tech platform delivers a suite of solutions to revolutionise Radiology.

Get in touch here to see how Hexarad can support your Radiology department and to book a demo.

ReportRad Teleradiology Reporting Radiology Services


Access our network of subspecialist radiologists for both Urgent & Out of Hours and Routine reporting.

Short-term services available with no minimum volume commitment.



Enhance the efficiency of your department and save money with our workflow management software for all radiology departments.

OptiRad Radiologist Teleradiology UK
Report with us Hexarad Teleradiology

Report with us

Founded by consultant radiologists, we put your experience at the heart of everything we do.

Hexarad Thought Leadership Institute

A collaborative space for radiology and healthcare professionals to discuss ideas and solutions to key industry issues.

Hexarad radiologists Thought Leadership Teleradiolgy


Without a diagnosis, there can be no treatment

"Hexarad stands head and shoulders above the other teleradiology companies. The company is run by radiologists and knows exactly what it takes to make their radiologists feel valued."


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