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The reviews are in: are CDCs reducing delays or adding to the radiology workload?

23 July 2024 at 14:29:06

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) were founded to allow patients to access diagnostic services closer to home without needing to attend...

Latest RCR data shows radiology crisis is deepening

23 July 2024 at 14:26:55

The Royal College of Radiologists has released its annual radiology census data, and the data confirms that the radiology workforce crisis...

Are we heading for an epidemic of radiologist burnout?

22 January 2024 at 10:31:40

Recent studies in both the UK and the USA have identified radiologists as highly likely to experience burnout, overwork, and emotional exhaustion. The most common reasons...

Inefficiencies in ED scan reporting waste hours of precious clinical time

22 January 2024 at 10:30:22

It’s no secret that there is an enormous shortfall in the radiologist workforce, but the consequences of this are often badly understood. Medical advances have meant..

NHS staff want more than just a pay rise, they want to feel valued

20 November 2023 at 22:03:43

A defining memory of the past year for many NHS staff will be 2023’s nurses, junior doctor, and consultant strikes. While simplistic media coverage has tended...

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