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We must focus on people not equipment when it comes to radiology technology

Monday 20th November 2023

In 1979, Hounsfield and Cormack won the Nobel prize in Medicine for the invention of the CT scanner. In the four decades since medical imaging has undergone a revolution...

Do we need a reality check when it comes to AI?

Monday 20th November 2023

We seem to be in the middle of yet another AI hype cycle, and radiology is usually one of the first areas it’s suggested that AI will be transformative. This technology is incredibly exciting...

Radiology is in crisis; so what should we do about it?

Monday 20th November 2023

It’s no secret that there is an enormous shortfall in the radiologist workforce, but the consequences of this are much more far-reaching than most people realise. Radiology sits at the heart...

NHS staff want more than just a pay rise, they want to feel valued

Monday 20th November 2023

A defining memory of the past year for many NHS staff will be 2023’s nurses, junior doctor, and consultant strikes. While simplistic media coverage has tended to focus on the issue of pay...

NHS leaders say improving radiology services is mission-critical for the NHS to cut waiting lists

Monday 20th November 2023

A group of healthcare experts, including NHS leaders, has said that the productivity of radiology services is mission-critical for the NHS if it is to achieve its targets...

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