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Thought leadership

Change the “what if” discussions to “why not” solutions.
A forum where radiology professionals
and decision-makers can openly discuss the issues they face and the solutions that can solve them.


Past events

Improving Performance in ED: How Improvements in Diagnostics Can Help

Tuesday 05th March 2024

Hexarad Thought Leadership Institute hosted a roundtable discussion at The Shard, with discussions focusing on how improvements in diagnostics can enhance Emergency Department performance. Senior ED representatives from across the UK came together to share valuable insights into current operational pressures, resource utilisation, workflow optimisation, balancing risk and the importance of collaborative digital projects. Outcomes and findings from the discussion will be published on the Hexarad website in due course.

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Thought leadership papers

Improving Productivity in Radiology Services

Upcoming events

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'Digital Health, AI and Diagnostics

How should healthcare adopt digital tools and AI to improve patient care?

11 June 2024

We will host a thought leadership lunch and workshop led by Mike Farrar (former CEO of NHS Confed) along with other key industry figures to discuss this topic.


More details to follow shortly.

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Thought Leaders Interviews

Dr Mala Mawkin: Forbes 30 Under 30 Health Tech Speaker, Consultant and Researcher

Talk us through your career path to date:

I'm a qualified doctor with experience in health tech and consumer health start-ups, now specialising in healthcare transactions and portfolio support. I launched and previously hosted (2020-2022) the Royal Society of Medicine's Digital Health Podcast Series, and worked on projects with Harvard & Boston Children’s Hospital's Digital Health Accelerator, European Space Agency, and Malawi's E-Health unit....


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