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Portfolio Careers Event




The Shard, London

About the event

Join us in-person or online on Tuesday 19th September 2023 at The Shard in London! The panel discussion and subsequent Q&A will run from 17:00 to 19:00.  


  • What experience do you need to get non-clinical roles?  

  • At what stage in your career should you think about building a portfolio career?  

  • What options are there for Radiologists in management/leadership roles?

  • How do you build the networks you need?

  • How important is it to keep clinical experience?

Our expert panel consists of:

  • Dr Erika Denton

Erika is a Consultant Radiologist and Medical Director in Norwich. She publishes and speaks widely on health care policy related to diagnostics. Erika works in her non-NHS time giving advice and guidance to a range of independent diagnostic service providers.

  • Dr Rizwan Malik

Dr Rizwan Malik is a leading Radiologist with an interest in health tech, digital imaging, and the potential of AI to support clinicians and patients. Rizwan says his priority is to see healthcare make similar gains in the future. “Both the healthcare system and its suppliers need to be asking: how can we go further?” he says.

  • Dr Jamie Mackay

Jamie works for AstraZeneca, where he is responsible for imaging strategy across immunology clinical development programmes. He continues to work as an Honorary Consultant in Norwich and maintain honorary academic affiliations with University of East Anglia and University of Cambridge.

  • Dr Amy Davis

Amy is a Radiologist, formerly a Consultant at Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust, and experienced medical journalist with over 10 years experience as an Associate Editor of The BMJ. She has also previously worked at BMJ Open as an Associate Clinical Editor focusing on large research trials. She formerly held the title of Lead for Cancer Imaging at Epsom & St Helier, and was involved in several national Radiology studies for Whole Body MRI Imaging and Imaging of ovarian cancer.    

  • (Moderator) Dr Farzana Rahman

Farzana is a Radiologist, formerly a consultant at UCLH, with expertise in digital healthcare. She has worked in the health strategy and policy space both nationally and internationally, focusing on digital transformation and AI in healthcare. She holds a Masters Degree in Health Economics from the London School of Economics.

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