Bringing radiology to the world’ – our partnership with RAD-AID

At Hexarad, our mission is to ‘create excellence in medical imaging’ with a deep-rooted desire to make a difference in radiology where we can.
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As a company, we have a strong belief in the importance of global social responsibility and are always looking at ways we can help on both a local and global scale.

We’re excited to have partnered since early 2020 with RAD‐AID, a non‐profit charity that helps developing countries to build and optimise medical imaging and radiology services.

RAD-AID works in over 30 countries and 80 hospital sites to optimise access to medical imagery and radiology in low-resource regions of the world by delivering not just equipment but vital education, support and infrastructure.

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Hexarad Teleradiology Investing in Education is Key

Together with other like-minded sponsors we have sponsored the training of Dr. Emmanuel Banda as a radiology registrar (resident) at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Investing in education is key to providing the training and understanding of how to effectively use donated equipment.

To facilitate the important work that RAD-AID do we have provided educational material, along with lectures by Hexarad founder and CCO, Dr. Amy Davis.

Once the world opens up to travel again, we’d like to go one step further and sponsor radiologists to visit the countries sponsored by RAD-AID to provide essential hands-on teaching.

Dr. Emmanuel Banda is a medical doctor in Malawi where there are fewer than 5 radiologists in a country that serves a population of over 17 million; his education is vital to improving patient outcomes.

We eagerly await regular updates and photos from Dr. Emmanuel Banda, some of which you can read more of on our social. His musings on life as a trainee radiologist on the other side of the world often strike a chord.

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“My scope of exposure and skill set is definitely enlarged, thank you for believing in me”.

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This from the first quarter of 2021,

“Greetings! Today the world is a different place from a year ago. Not only have we gotten a year older but life around us is different. Our way of life and the way we conduct ourselves have drastically changed. While things within and around us are changing, one needs an anchor.

While in a foreign land this group is my anchor. The picture is of my department at Tygerberg hospital headed by Prof. Pitcher (fourth from left). From academics to family friends, we became each other’s keepers and assumed responsibility for each other’s safety.

I am so excited and humbled to be accorded such an opportunity to conduct an important audit that could potentially change the terrain of radiology practice in Malawi.

On a lighter note, I am happy to inform you that my much awaited research project ‘analysis of registered diagnostic resources in Malawi’ is taking shape after gaining approval from the Stellenbosch ethics committee.

Every year we have a departmental group photo, and the 2020 group photo is a mask up photo to solidify our commitment to fighting the pandemic.

Community and collaboration towards a common goal are two things we value highly at Hexarad. To be able to expand our reach through RAD-AID is something we are extremely passionate about.

As Dr. Emmanuel Banda says, “‘It takes a village to raise a child’, I would like to restate that as ‘it takes a community to train a radiologist’”.

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If you’ve read this and felt inspired to get involved then we encourage you, whether you work with Hexarad or not, to get in touch and share any educational resources you might have for the use of RAD-AID. Together we can make a difference.