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Robert Dunk 

Management Fellow, Hexarad

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Get to know Rob!

Talk us through your career path to date.

I am a Clinical Radiology Registrar by background, with an interest in digital healthcare innovation. I have previously helped lead the development and deployment of a successful clinical guidelines mobile app, improving information accessibility for clinicians. I won the RCR audit prize for helping to redesign on-call radiology workflows at a busy tertiary hospital. More recently I have been involved in developing and evaluating an AI model for scaphoid fracture diagnosis.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Say yes to new opportunities, even if they are outside your comfort zone. My most rewarding experiences, and the ones where I’ve felt I’ve made the greatest impact, have come from unexpected connections and discoveries that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken a chance.

What was the benefit of doing a fellowship?

The Hexarad Management Fellowship offers a unique, hands-on learning experience. Collaborating with talented individuals on diverse projects has given me valuable insight into the successful design and implementation of different healthcare innovations and equipped me with the skills to bridge the gap between innovative thinking and real-world implementation.

Why Hexarad?

Hexarad's culture is what makes it a great place to work. The emphasis on collaboration, patient-centred innovation, and excellence creates a dynamic and rewarding work environment. Here, I can apply my existing skills and continuously develop alongside a team that's genuinely passionate about making a real difference.

What healthcare innovations are you most excited about?

I'm fascinated by how technology can improve efficiency in healthcare, leading to better patient outcomes. Hexarad's Edge integration is a great example of this, reducing image transfer times and allowing for swifter clinical decision making.

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