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Seyi Adesalu

Head of Reporter Experience, Hexarad

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Get to know Seyi!

Talk us through your career path to date.

Since intercalating in medical education, my research interests have been in how we can optimise the experience of delivering healthcare for medical students and doctors. I worked as an academic foundation doctor and became an associate lecturer of the MBChB course at Angela Ruskin. I then paused clinical practice to join HEE London and KSS Professional Support Unit as a medical education fellow. During this time, I was a researcher in the Research Department for Medical Education at UCL. I then became a radiology registrar in South London for just over two years before joining Hexarad. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be prepared to think laterally about how you can add value in healthcare. Never underestimate the importance of enjoying what you do – it’ll make you much better at it! 

What was the benefit of doing a fellowship?

Looking back at the fellowship, I think it really helped me understand myself professionally. It was a great insight into just how vast the healthcare landscape is. It gave me hands-on experience in product development and a real insight into scaling a business. The year I did the fellowship, the focus was on developing the Hexarad Hub and launching Hexarad’s out-of-hours service. It was an incredible experience, so having it be recognised with an HSJ award felt like the perfect way to round off a great year.

Why Hexarad?

The values! It’s always been clear to me that these are more than just words. I’m really proud of our widening participation scholarship and the management fellowship. It was something I wanted to be part of. When we think about innovation at Hexarad, it doesn’t just start and end with leveraging technology in healthcare. It’s about innovation of thought and being creative when considering healthcare delivery for both our reporters and for patients. I love that I get to put this into practice every day as Head of Reporter Experience. 

What healthcare innovations are you most excited about?

There are so many excellent innovations in healthcare right now, but of course I am most excited about the Hexarad Hub. I think it’s important we value the time of healthcare professionals who are trying to deliver excellent patient care. Using the Hub to make imaging requests is far better for clinical governance and saves so much time for clinicians. This ultimately eliminates unnecessary delays in patient management - I know I would have benefited from the Hub when I was a doctor working in A&E. 

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